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WRPF Spain!

World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) was born in 2015 as a disruptive alternative to the classic form of Powerlifting events. From the outset the competition and the show have gone hand in hand, with rock and heavy metal music and enthusiastic speaker performances providing the soundtrack to the uprisings.  

The WRPF landed in Spain in 2018 and since then the quality and the athletes (both in quality and quantity) have been increasing. So, why not take it to the next level? Our objective is that the competitions of our athletes are memorable, where the organization, the puntuality and the athlete comfort is our priority. 

Will you join our adventure? 


Why choose WRPF? 

Despite the short history of our federation worldwide, it is the choice of many of the strongest athletes of Powerlifting worldwide. In fact, the world top 10 (male and female athletes) is dominated by WRPF athletes. The current world top3 is made up of Marianna Gasparyan (709.96 wilks), Kristy Hawkins (704.76 wilks) and Hunter Handerson (687.63 wilks) all of whom are WRPF athletes. 3 other WRPF athletes are added to the list, adding a total of 6 athletes from our federation in the world top 10. 

From the first moment, countries around the world wanted to join this alternative in powerlifting. Today the WRPF is in 52 contries on five continents and thousands of athletes of all levels compete in the hundreds of competitions that are organized annually. Thanks to these numbers, there are many sponsors who contribute, either economically or with products, quality to the events, allowing in many cases the rewarding of athletes with cash prizes 


WRPF in a nutshell