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About us

Live the passion of Powerlifting
WRPF Spain reinvented itself at the end of 2022. A new board of directors. A new vision of this world.

We work competition by competition, day by day, to make our athletes enjoy this exciting sport. The new WRPF Spain is made up of a small multidisciplinary and experienced team. 
We have created this section on the web so that you can get to know our team better. 

Presidente WRPF Spain

Ruslan Kosse - President

Ruslan began competing in Powerlifting as a junior, going through different federations and countries, including international competitions such as the Moscow World Cup in 2019. During 2020, 2021 and 2022 he served as vice president of the WRPF Spain, being the link between WRPF Spain and WRPF Russia. 

His duties in the Federation include ensuring compliance with the rules and updating them, supervise the work of the rest of the directive, form the Secretary during the competition, build internationalrelationships and participate in the organization of WRPF Spain events. In 2022 he obtained the title of International Referee, being the first in Spain and one of the few in Europe. 

Secretaria WRPF Helena Gimeno

Helena Gimeno - VicePresident

She started her career in Powerlifting in 2018, also competing in different federations and countries. She has been a sports lover since she was little and that led her to start studying at TSAF after finishing her university studies in Biotechnology. 

In the WRPF Spain Federation, she is mainly dedicated to the organization of the events, being the person with the greatest involvement in this aspect. In addition, she is in charge of contact through social networks and email with the athletes, solving doubts, creating training and content for the different platforms. Helena is National Referee of the WRPF sincde 2021


Carlos Cansado Solà - Head of Sponsors

Carlos has a wide track record in Powerfitting, starting his career in this sport in 2017. He has several records and titles behind him. Powerlifting, in addition to his hobby, is his job as a Powerlifting and Powerbuilding coach as well as a representative of the Monster Power and Etenon Power brands.

Within the Federation, he is in charge of negotiations and contracts with sponsors and collaborators of the events, as well as representing the new brand Etenon Power, which has created a new line of products in collaboration with WRPF Spain. For any collaboration with WRFP or purchase of Etenon Power, Carlos is the person in charge.